Chamek Coffee Liberica Natural Sun-dried coffee powder 占美咖啡日晒苦咖啡粉

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Pure Coffee 纯咖啡纯天然咖啡

-Good quality coffee 高品质咖啡
-Strong strength of coffee 日晒苦咖啡更苦
-Jackfruit aroma 带有菠萝蜜香气
-Taste smoothly 入口滑顺
-Long aftertaste 回味无穷,回味长久
-Rich taste levels 味道丰富
-Suitable for everyone 适合任何人饮用

Processing: Natural Sun-dried 自然日晒

Weight 重量: 250g

Grinding 研磨: No 4 (Medium)

Variety 种类: Liberica

#咖啡粉 #纯天然 #日晒 #liberica #coffeepowder #sundried
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