ChaoZhou Duck Neck Candy 潮州鸭颈糖

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Outside of the candy is covered by a layer of white sesame seeds, which look similar with the skin of the duck neck. In the middle circle, the sugar can be regarded as the meat of the duck neck. The inside is made of ground peanuts. The bar is like a duck neck bone, but this is a duck neck candy that you can keep without bones. Take a bite from the outside to the inside and enjoy a different feeling and texture. A delicious food allows you to enjoy different taste buds!

外面是一层白芝麻,相似鸭脖子的皮。 在中圈,糖可以被视为鸭脖子的肉。里面是用磨碎的花生制成的。形状就像一个鸭脖子骨头,但这是一个糖果。 从外面咬到内部,都会给你不一样的感觉。 这口感让你的味蕾

exp date is 01112020.Because it is short to exp date, we promote this product, not because the product have been waiting for a long time, but because Chaozhou duck neck candy is handmade, so exp date will be short. Please don't buy if you mind
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