Chocolate Coconut Chip 巧克力椰子片

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As coconut-ty as chips get! With the authentic taste of coconuts in every crispy bite, you’ll be munching to the bottom of these packets in no time. These chips are a good source of fiber and contains ZERO preservatives & cholesterol.

Malaysia’s Coconut Chips are great as a standalone snack or can be used as the perfect crispy topping for your main dishes and even salads. (We love having them with ice cream)

*This product is dairy & gluten free and contains ZERO trans-fat, MSG, preservatives and cholesterol.

椰子中的椰肉含有丰富价值! 椰肉经过烤干后香香脆脆的味道,使你停不了口,想要不停咀嚼的欲望。这些芯片是纤维的良好来源,含有零度防腐剂和胆固醇。

马来西亚可可的椰子芯片作为小吃很棒,或者可以用作主菜和沙拉的完美绝配。 (我们喜欢搭配冰淇淋)

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