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Jiang Li Washing NO1,NO 2

Jiang Li believes that shampoo belongs to health. Jiang Li shampoo to create the first brand of Chinese natural plant care, natural herbal ancient, China's first health care. Jiang Li uses raw ginger juice as the main raw material. The plant formula is environmentally friendly and healthy. It contains a variety of precious Chinese herbal medicines. It can control oil and dandruff to relieve itching, raise hair and hair care, solidify and whiten, relieve stress, dredge meridian detoxification and other effects. . It has a soothing effect on head wind/headache/cold/dizziness/cervical spondylosis/periarthritis. Here's how to use the home of Jiangli No. 2:

Product Description No. 1 Shampoo No. 1 Shampoo: Deep cleansing hair follicles, sterilizing anti-inflammatory and anti-dandruff, promoting blood circulation of the scalp, and eliminating the contamination attached to the hair, opening the scales. No. 2 Runfa No. 2 Runner Milk: Nicknamed “Scalp Massage Milk”. Contains a large amount of high-nutrient ingredients, the nutrients needed to transport hair to hair follicles, revitalizes growing cells, promotes the growth of hair follicles, strengthens hair roots, strengthens hair, strengthens hair, and closes hair scales to make hair more energetic. Different hair care methods suggest that the above text describes the different hair care methods for your reference adjustment, when you adjust to the healthy balance of the scalp state, please return to the regular wash order of 1-2. If you have any questions during the use, please let me know the first time, I will give you professional advice, and insist on using Jiang Li will surprise you



产品简介1号洗发露1号洗发露:深层清洁毛囊,杀菌消炎去屑,促进头皮血液循环,并能排除附着在发丝的污染,打开毛鳞片。 2号润发乳2号润发乳:昵称“头皮按摩乳”。含有大量的高营养成分,为毛囊输送头发所需的养料,复活生长细胞,促进毛囊生长力生发 乌发坚固发根,强韧发丝,闭合毛鳞片,让头发更有活力 。 不同发质的洗护方法提示以上文字描述不同发质的洗护方法供大家参考调整,当您调理到健康平衡的头皮状态时,请恢复到1-2的常规洗护顺序。使用过程中有何疑问,请第一时间告知我,我会给您专业建议,坚持使用姜力会带给您惊喜!
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