Hakka Mi Cang 米呈 (Orange Peel 橙皮味)

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#HakkamMiCang #米呈 #Kluang

In the past, Hakka made rice (locally called rice), or as a snack tea, or as a gift of respect, it is very common and very good. During the Spring Festival, every woman prepares peanuts, sesame seeds and various kinds of fragrant raisins, and smashes the scented scented scented tea, puts on the rice course, and invites the neighbors to go to the house to eat rice. When the relatives arrived, the first step was to check the rice tea (the Hakka people called the inspection), and this family invited the family, please treat the guests as decent, very comfortable.

Children are the most like to eat rice, but in the past, due to life, the average family made rice, after all, limited. Therefore, in order to receive the guests, the poor people will take a pot of two pots of rice and give the children a taste. Then they will hide them in the most hidden place in the corner. Some of the children with their mouths saw that others were eating rice, and they went home to the shed and turned over and sneaked.


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