Kluang Coffee, Kopi O Kosong 100s (Eco Pack) 无糖咖啡乌 (经济装)

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Black Coffee Bag 100s (Eco Pack)

The origin of ‘Television Brand’ coffee
Owning a television set in Malaysia in the 1960s was a prestige and enjoyment. It brought families and friends closer together with the latest news and entertainment. Thus, by using a television set as its branding, Mr Goh Tong Toh, founder of Kluang Coffee Powder Factory, hopes to produce coffee of the highest quality and prestige, at the same time, bringing families and friends closer together with a great cup of Kluang Coffee.

‘Sultan Coffee’
During a meeting with Sultan Iskandar of Johor, the ‘Television Brand’ coffee was presented to his highness by one of the state MP. Upon drinking the coffee, the sultan was pleasantly surprised by the superior aroma and great taste. From then on, his highness has requested his staff to place orders with the factory every month and have it arranged to be delivered to the palace for his enjoyment and served during official functions. Therefore, the ‘Television Brand’ coffee is also became fondly known as ‘Sultan Coffee’ by many government officials and locals.

The founder of Kluang Coffee Powder Factory – Mr Goh Tong Tor (Goh Ah Kow)
Mr Goh was born in a not well-to-do family. At a very young age, he had worked in the fruits wholesaler and rubber tapping industry, before switching to become a salesman in one of the local coffee factories. He is a very honest and sincere person, who is always readily helping his friends in need whenever possible. This made him a very well-liked person and respected by many.

Having a great passion for coffee, he has a dream of setting up his own business. To fulfil passion, he made a bold decision to resign from his job as a salesman of twelve year and pursuit his dream. However, things did not turn out smoothly as planned and was jobless for a period of time.

This did not stop him from his dream. Through the help of his friends, he managed to raise enough business capital to start his coffee business, Kluang Coffee Powder Factory, in 1966. With his insistence of using ingredients of highest quality, coupled with his special roast, business started to grow through word-of-mouth to become one of the top coffee wholesalers in Kluang. This also earns him the title as ‘Kopi Kow’ in the region.

黑咖啡袋 100小包(环保包装)


在与柔佛州的苏丹·依斯干达(Sultan Iskandar)举行的一次会议上,一位州议员将“电视品牌”咖啡赠送给他。喝咖啡后,苏丹以其卓越的香气和美味而感到惊喜。从此以后,他的殿下要求他的员工每个月向工厂下订单,并安排将其运送到宫殿供他享用,并在公职期间担任。因此,“电视品牌”咖啡也被许多政府官员和当地人誉为“苏丹咖啡”。

居銮咖啡粉厂的创始人– Mr Goh Tong Tor(Goh Ah Kow)


这并没有阻止他脱离梦想。 1966年,在朋友的帮助下,他成功筹集了足够的商业资本,开始了居銮咖啡粉厂的咖啡业务。由于坚持使用最优质的原料,加上他的特殊烘烤技术,公司业务开始以口碑相传成为居銮顶级咖啡批发商之一。这也使他在该地区获得了“ Kopi Kow”称号。
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