Myreal pulau pangkor prawn stick RAW 360g 未炸 香脆虾条 360克

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Shrimp serves as an excellent source of lean protein. It also contains all the amino acids that your cells can't synthesize on their own. Every cell in your body contains protein molecules -- and the amino acids from your diet allow your cells to generate new proteins to repair old or damaged ones. The protein in your diet also helps you make peptide hormones -- a group that includes insulin, a hormone that regulates your blood sugar.

Ingredients: Tapioca Flour, Fresh Prawn Meat, Castor Sugar, Salt, Raising Agent, Vegetable Oil.

Allergy : Contains Shellfish.

虾肉是蛋白质极好的来源。 它还含有您的细胞无法自行合成的所有氨基酸。 你体内的每一个细胞都含有蛋白质分子 - 而且你的饮食中的氨基酸可以让你的细胞产生新的蛋白质来修复衰老或受损的蛋白质。 你的饮食中的蛋白质也可以帮助你制造肽激素 - 一种包括胰岛素在内的组合,胰岛素是一种调节血糖的激素。

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