Napier Grass Tea - Nutrition Supplement 马草茶-补充蔬菜营养,提高免疫力,排毒养颜

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Product Description
What's in the pack : 20 tea bags x 5 grams
Napier Grass (Pennisetum purpureum) is a nutritional powerhouse.
Originally the feed of livestocks like cows, goats and horses, it is exceptionally high in nutrition: 5-10 times the nutrition of common vegetables, high in protein, amino acid and trace elements.
Because of it's nutritional value, Napier Grass Tea makes a good tonic drink for children to boost immune system, helping them to ward off viruses of the season.
Too much meat and and feeling guilty of not getting enough vegetables? This is a good supplement drink for you.
Replace your third and fourth cup of coffees with Napier Grass Tea. Not only you can reduce your caffeine and sugar intake, but at the same time, also giving your body a good detox.
If you pair up Napier Grass Tea with Hei You Herbal Tea - you have an effective combo for lowering blood sugar.

Serving suggestions:
Drink a cup a day (one teabag).
Besides drinking, toss one or two Napier Grass teabags into your rice cooker to make nutrition-enriched rice.

每包:20 茶袋 x 5g


• 滋润肠道,有助排便
• 促进新陈代谢,养颜美容
• 辅助提升免疫功能,预防疾病
• 降低胆固醇
• 调整血压
• 控制血糖
• 维持血液酸硷的正常平衡,提高血液含氧量,排除人体累积的毒素,减少肝脏负荷。
Add some Napier Grass tea into your jello, agar-agar, sweet red bean or green bean soup etc.
What a delicious way to "cheat" your fussy-picky eaters, having them actually consuming and reaping the benefits of the tea, without them even knowing it!

Benefits of Napier Grass Tea
• Lubricates the colon, relieves constipation
• Enhances metabolism
• Boosts the immune system, prevents illness
• Lowers cholesterol
• Regulates blood pressure
• Controls blood sugar levels
• Balances blood pH
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