Nyonya Boo Soo Recipes 慕淑娘惹食谱

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As a catering operator, perhaps to busy in buying fresh ingredients as well as modulate delicious sauce.😖😖

At here, "nyonya boo soo recipe" assisted to make many optional variant delicious sauce for you, reduce your workload, easy to cook each delicious food~

"Nyonya boo soo recipe" provided sauce that are made by secret recipe combined with own innovation~

Wanna to try but worry about it will impact on your brand? Dont worry, we will supply each free sample to let you try the taste, meanwhile also provide some menu as well as cooking method, and you can list to cart while you are satisfy our brand, it not be too late~

For upcoming to start business or the friend's who want to develop at this direction but not have any idea, we will discuss in the best condition and resource to you that tailored a suitable operate menu as well as cooking method, reducing your trouble on open business.

**Nyonya Mala**- adopt nyonya sambal cooking way and combined with SiChuan's mala zanthoxylum bungeanum, it took the the perfect combination of nyonya spicy sambal and Sichuan mala spicy.

**Nyonya Shrimp Tom Yam**- Traditional tom yam adding with belacan as well as some secret recipe, took out the fragrant, spicy and sour feeling.

**Nyonya Green Curry**- Difference with thailand green curry, we adopt local Rendang cooks collocation with green chili, a upgraded version of green curry.

**Nyonya Pongteh Sauce**- Traditional Nyonya Sauce commonly prior by pongteh sauce, collocation with gula melaka as well as full of garlic and onion fragrant.

#Everyone can cook with Nyonya boo soo recipes! !! Simplify your cooking process and make it the perfect match for your meal.

作为一个饮食业的经营者 (餐馆/小贩/煮炒/Cafe) 每天都要忙于采购新鲜食材以及调制美味酱料😖😖
在此 "慕淑娘惹食谱" 为你精心制造了多种口味酱料任你选择,减轻你的工作量,让你轻轻松松煮出美味佳肴~
"慕淑娘惹食谱" 所推出的酱料,是以自家祖传秘方加上创新调制而成~

**娘惹麻辣 **- 采用娘惹Sambal的煮法与四川麻辣花椒结合,带有娘惹Sambal的香辣以及四川花椒的麻辣,完美组合~

**虾米冬阴功** - 传统Tomyam加入Belacan以及一些独特秘方,带出又香!又酸!又辣!的感觉~

**特色青咖喱** - 不同于泰国青咖喱,我们采用的是当地Rendang煮法搭配青辣椒,是马来西亚版本的青咖喱~

**娘惹豆酱 **- 传统的娘惹招牌酱料,以豆酱为主,配上Gula Melaka以及满满的蒜香和葱香味~

这些酱料除了可以拿来烹饪 (煎/炸/爆/炒/蒸),也可以当成搭配酱直接食用👍👍
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