Sabah Mama's Salted Lime 靓妈金桔沙巴特产 咸桔

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If you love sour, you must try these Mama's Salted lime

✅ Soothes sore throat ✅ Eliminate phlegm and cough ✅ hoarse ✅ Helps digestion

They choose fresh oranges from Dannan pickled for more than 100 days, ️ add preservatives, pure natural, individually packaged, easy to carry, adults and children love to drink ‍‍‍ Put a box at home, and your throat is uncomfortable. Rush to drink immediately. Put a small bag in your bag. ✈️ Don't be afraid of throat discomfort when traveling or traveling, and ruin the whole trip.


我们选用丹南新鲜的桔子腌制超过100天,️添加防腐剂 ,纯天然 ,单独包装方便携带,大人小孩都爱喝‍‍‍


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