Salted egg Flossy chicken crisps 咸蛋鸡丝酥 18日发

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The salted egg yolk chicken is crispy and salty with a bit of sweetness and the flavor of salted egg yolk. The fusion of the two is quite delicious!
If you are fans of salted egg yolk! can you imaging what's the taste bug will like to sweet and salty combination? Now we want to challenge you this! A good combination cookie made by chicken floss and salted egg yolk!

#saltedegg #Crisps #Handmade

咸蛋黄鸡丝酥 咸咸带点甜还有咸蛋黄的香味 两个融合相当美味!

#咸蛋黄 #鸡丝 #18日发 #手工

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