Sumaco Life Glue Grain, GOLDEN GRAIN 金谷粮💛

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Sumaco Life Glue Grain GOLDEN GRAIN💛

Available in three flavours: Golden Grain, Blackie Grain and Greeny Grain.
Made with no flavouring, no preservatives, no additives and no sugar.
Health benefits:
(1) High content of dietary fibre, helps digestion and absorption and prevent constipation.
(2) increases skin texture and moisture level.
(3) Maintain a healthy weight and prevent the body from storing fat.
(4) Maintain normal metabolism and slow down cells aging process.

💛Golden Grain is a nutritious grains beverages made from premium selected 20 types of whole grains with combination of soybean, malted beverage powder, isomaltulose, isolated soy protein and pumpkin powder to provide sufficient amount of plant proteins, carbohydrates, amino acids, fats, minerals and multiple vitamins, to replenish the nutrients of body needs. Golden grain contains natural lutein an excellent antioxidant that can prevent cell and body aging, improve vision and reduce the risk of blindness that caused by retinal macular degeneration.





💛金谷粮 天然谷粮采用精挑细选的20种优质综合谷粮,并综合了大豆,麦芽饮料粉,分离大豆蛋白与南瓜粉配制而成,富含高品质的植物蛋白质,碳水化合物,氧基酸,脂肪,矿物质以及多种维他命,帮助提供及补充人体所需的营养素,是我们每日所需的营养餐饮品。金谷粮 天然谷粮所含的万寿菊提取物含有天然叶黄素是一种性能优异的康养护剂,可以预防细胞衰老和机体器官衰老,同时还可以预防老年性眼球视网膜黄斑退化引起的视力下降与失明,促进良好的视力!

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