Udun tea 马来西亚养生茶优盾茶/养生养肾

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憂遁草做為保健养生是非常好的选择,它屬無毒野菜,具黃酮類,對抗癌有卓越的功效,主要作用為清血、排毒、消腫瘤。 在服食憂遁草期間,最好不要在同一時間服用其他藥物,建議相隔最少1小時。


Udun tea is a very good choice for health care. It is a non-toxic wild vegetable with flavonoids. It has excellent effects against cancer. Its main functions are clearing blood, detoxifying and eliminating tumors. During the sorrows, it is best not to take other drugs at the same time, it is recommended to be at least 1 hour apart.

Udun tea meaning "continuing life", has excellent anti-cancer and kidney-reducing effects. Its main functions are heat-clearing and detoxifying, anti-inflammatory and dilating, diuretic, and menstruation and pain relief.
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